The Professional

The Professional

A clean layout for showcasing your work. Save your files in the “portfolio” folder as .markdown files.

It features a fixed with and navigation at the top of the page, and an it’s sure to give your posts an extra polish.


Download the files from the theProfessional repo to your root hakyll installation for the boilerplate. Feel free to tweak site.hs and any of the files.

Compile the site generator with hakyll using the command ghc --make site.hs to create a local executable named `site`

Then you can view your site locally with ./site rebuild && ./site watch

Note: These were the commands I used before stack became available. Now that hakyll can be installed by stack you can you can use stack commands.



At the top of each blog post saved in the posts folder:

title: Carpe Diem

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting uses the pandoc formatting.

fs x = "your code here"

The colors are defined in syntax.css; which you can edit to your liking.