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About Hakyll CSS Garden

This is a collection of styles, which aims to help haskell bloggers set up beautiful blogs with the Hakyll static site generator. Showcased are available themes listed in the gallery, where you can browse by thumbnails.

The code used to generate this site is available at under the gallery directory. Contributions are welcome, please submit pull requests. There was some discussion about themes on the reddit haskell subcommunity. Any feature requests, questions, and issues could be submitted here.


Theme Collections

The themes are organized by the structure of links and markup in the template files.


About Hakyll

From the Project Page:

Static sites are fast, secure, easy to deploy, and manageable using version control.

Hakyll is a Haskell library for generating static sites, mostly aimed at small-to-medium sites and personal blogs. It is written in a very configurable way and uses an xmonad-like DSL for configuration.

Integration with pandoc supports markdown and TeX, including syntax highlighting and other goodies.