Life is a series of optimizations.

Once upon a time I worked in cancer research creating software for capturing patient outcomes and calculating morbidity rates. It was quite morbid. Nowadays I create software and metrics for evaluating and improving research methodology, expert decision support; as well as business intelligence reporting to help folks make sense of large quantities of information. I work with a downtown Manhattan consulting firm in developing web-based analytical software solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Diversity in Scientific Computing

In effort to diversify the traditional population in scientific computing, I create and maintain open source projects that diversify from the traditional scientific computing, primarily in fashion research topics.

Stylebuzz App provides resources to optimize your fashion research time

Stylebuzz App provides resources to optimize your fashion research time

Growing open source communities

In addition to encouraging diversity in open source, I plan many tech events that connect folks from all backgrounds for networking and educational purposes. Most of my strategies come from my dissertation research that blends theories about designing and evaluating communities and support groups.

After being invited to speak at many conferences over the years and noticing the lack of diversity and great need for sponsor support, I switched gears from being in the spotlight to behind the scenes to help increase both fronts. Creating opportunities to give others a way to share their work on a public, and supportive platform helps improve both the participants and the effects compounds on the overall community. I’ve spent the bulk of last year helping the PyData Conferences and the annual SBP Conferences. I helped these nonprofit organizations build their online presence.

Still curious?

I wrote brief descriptions of recent open source projects, some of which are open sourced on GitHub - Feel free to ping me on twitter with questions.